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"STREETWEAR WITH FRIENDS" is a captivating look-book video that showcases some of the most exciting underground streetwear brands in the UK, curated by fashion enthusiast Zim Uddin. Razvan Popa, a skilled photographer, was invited to capture the outfits presented in the video in October 2019. Through his keen eye and innovative techniques, he managed to capture the essence of the streetwear culture while showcasing the unique style of each brand.

As a talented artist with a strong background in fashion photography, Razvan Popa approached the project with a creative mindset, working closely with Zim to ensure that the visuals matched the energy of the streetwear brands. With his vast experience in capturing the essence of a moment, Razvan was able to bring each outfit to life, showcasing the intricate details and bold designs of the featured brands. The collaboration resulted in a visually stunning look-book that celebrates the diversity and creativity of the UK's underground streetwear scene.

The photographs taken by Razvan Popa for "STREETWEAR WITH FRIENDS" highlight his exceptional talent in capturing the unique style of the streetwear culture. His approach to the project brought a fresh and contemporary perspective to the featured brands, showcasing their unique character in a visually captivating way. Overall, the collaboration between Zim Uddin and Razvan Popa resulted in a memorable look-book video that will be treasured by fashion enthusiasts and streetwear aficionados alike.

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