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Marina Qureshi: Gallery


Razvan Popa had the opportunity to collaborate with the luxury prêt-à-porter label Marina Qureshi in October 2019. The London and Dubai-based brand is well-known for its stunning creations, which have been worn by famous celebrities such as Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch, Amanda Seyfried, and Lara Stone.

During this collaboration, Razvan worked closely with Marina Qureshi and her team to create a series of stunning photographs. The aim was to showcase the beauty and elegance of the brand's designs while also capturing the unique personality and style of each piece. With his keen eye for detail and artistic vision, Razvan was able to bring these garments to life through his photography.

The resulting images were a true reflection of the collaboration between Razvan and Marina Qureshi's team. Each photograph was a work of art in its own right, capturing the essence of the brand's creations and showcasing the designer's unique vision. Thanks to this successful partnership, Marina Qureshi's luxurious designs were able to reach an even wider audience, cementing the brand's reputation as one of the most prestigious prêt-à-porter labels in the fashion industry.

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