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Razvan Popa is a fashion, beauty, and commercial visual artist born in Romania and currently based in the United Kingdom. His work is centred around the concept of identity and how visual art can be used to explore it. Razvan's approach is process-based, inviting participants to collaborate with him in the creative process to produce editorial-style photographs with expressive attention to detail. ​ In addition to his photography work, Razvan has also undertaken cinematographic projects, creating short movies and videos that showcase his storytelling abilities and his eye for capturing stunning visuals. ​ Razvan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Coventry University and has completed postgraduate studies in art and design with a focus on interdisciplinary studies at Birmingham City University. His education and experience have honed his skills in both the creative and technical aspects of photography and cinematography, allowing him to deliver stunning visual content that meets the needs of a diverse range of clients. ​ Whether working on a commercial campaign, a personal photography project, or a cinematographic endeavour, Razvan's work always captures the essence of his subjects and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

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